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What You Are About To Discover Will Change Your Life Financially, Even If You Have Never Made Money Online Before…

Dear friend,
No matter how hard you have tried to make money online and failed, why you failed, or why you were not able to turn things around, the past is the past. Today, I’m offering you an information that can earn you over N250,000 every month.If you have been looking for a real and genuine way to make money online in Nigeria then I have good news for you… The good news is that I was not born with the ability to make money online, I learnt it myself and if I can learn it, then you can also learn it and make money online. My desire is to help and assist many Nigerians like you in this hard times of "ECONOMIC RECESSION" to make money online. I spent restless days and sleepless nights in order to create a very detailed and powerful way to show you how you can equally start your own money making online money from facebook.
And the result of my sleepless nights and restless days brought about what I want to give you right now…
I  just created a very Simple And Easy To Understand ebook where I explained everything about making money with ease from facebook,how you can also start within 24 hours and start making money immediately, no long story like paypal and other time wasting requirements.
1. How to turn your facebook account into a money making machine. 
2. How to start making between N4,000 to N7,000 every day.
3. How to set up this online system within 24 hours and start making money straight into your local bank account.
4. How to use your facebook fan page account to double your daily income thereby making between N8,000to N14,000 every day.
5. How to avoid the same mistake 90% of people make online, knowing this mistake and avoiding it will save you a lot of time and speed up your profits online.
If you truly want to make REAL MONEY online then THIS EBOOK IS ALL YOU NEED to succeed in internet business, forget about what other fake gurus told you about online business in Nigeria, learn from someone that is successful and you will also be successful.


Discover How To Start Earning BetweenN20,000 - N250,000 Monthly WithFacebook Updating Simple Statues

ANSWER => Set up within 2hours and begin to see results (earn dollars) within 24hours.... 100% Guaranteed. 

ANSWER => The platform pays all their workers worldwide in dollars every Friday into an international account. And through a simple process, your money is transferred into your bank account to you anywhere you are in Nigeria. So, don't bother yourself about this as it has fully sorted out. You don't need to wait 30days for your cheque to arrive and another 21days to process it. You will get your money straight into your local bank account.

ANSWER =>  Depends on your spare time and how busy you are. First thing is that you do not need to sit in front of your computer system everyday. What I usually recommend is 2 - 5 hours access to the internet every 3 days.  But if you are the busy type, then this is the best business for you.

ANSWER=> NO! You do not necessarily need to have a personal laptop before you can do this business. You can use any BlackBerry or Android phone, access to the internet is enough to get you on. It is not a time consuming business. It's something you can do at your free time.

ANSWER => The answer to this is NO! This business system is very simple to execute, so that even a S.S.1 student can sit on the computer and set up the money making system. All you need is the ability to log into your Facebook or Email address and sign out. It's that simple.

How much do i charge for this?

Wow! What else would you have wanted me to do if not this crazy offer i just gave you. Now,
You've got no excuse or whatsoever.
I am not sure if anybody would have ever been this generous to give out a potent system at this ridiculous amount. Personally i can't explain why i did this. Well, i can have a rethink in the next few minutes and get this price changed back to N5,000.
You just have to be smart enough to take advantage of this insane price before i wake from my slumber. Think this is a marketing gimmick? You will be surprised to see these words gone and price changed to N5,000.

I am sure N1,500 is less than what you spend on phone recharge credits in a week.
Now you have two choices. You can…
1. Invest N1,500 into yourself and use the secrets you learn from it to build an income system that can make up to N250,000 or more monthly for YOU! Or..
2. You can spend the N1,500 on phone recharge cards or junk food from any of the fast food joint and gain some weight while knowing deep down in your heart that you are growing older and you are not taking advantage of life-changing opportunities like this one.
The decision is yours, But if I was in your shoes, I know which option to take. In fact, I was actually once in your shoes.
Out of every 100 people who arrive on this page, about 10 of them will take up this chance to change their lives. You should be a part of this 10.

Don’t delay.

STEP 1: Make a bank payment, ATM Transfer or online transfer of N1,500 into any of the First bank branches.

Name Of Bank: First Bank of Nigeria plc

Account Name: Kokoette Douglas Otung

Account Number:3086185247

STEP 2: After payment, send me a text message with the following details: 1. "IBM"

2. Name Of Depositor,

3. Your Email Address,
4. Bank You Paid Into.
Send All the details above to Mobile No. 0811 067 4569. Or

Whatsapp: 07061834309
(Please Do Not Flash.)
Once you send these details, I will send you the eBook to download Immediately I confirm your payment. The eBook will be sent to your email within 2 hours or less.
Note: You can download the eBook with your smart phone (Android, Blackberry, I pad, I phone etc) or laptop then you can read anytime and anywhere.
Don’t Miss This Opportunity Because You Will Never See It Again

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#1- Create and sell your E-book or Information Product:

We all have something we have a very  wide information about. What’s your strength? Do you know how to bake so well and can put your  training in writing? then you could create and sell an e-book  teaching people how to bake. Or do you have a new business model that works? Create an e-book for it and watch the money rolling in.
But  whats an e-book you may ask… e-book as the name implies stands for “electronic book” and it refers to a PDF(portable document form) write that has a cover and table of contents.
Now Information marketing is a very lucrative industry and knowing you way around this will really liberate you financially.
Here comes the Questions…
How do you create an E-book?
Well they are you have two Options:
1. Contact a professional who can create an e-book for for you at  an affordable price and launch your product. Mind you, your e-book should  have all the information promised on the cover. For example if you’re teaching on how to lose weight within 5 days, make sure your steps are clear and the results can be attained.
2. Or you could create  an e-book yourself for free as they are many free software’s you can get online that will help you create you e-book. Although doing it yourself will take you time, it would be worth the effort. In our next post, we’ll teach you how to create a free e-book.
Who sells e-books anyway?
Well i know a handful of Nigerians who have made money selling the own e-books…for example, Abass Toriola from Webincome plus has made some real cash selling his e-book…Kenneth Ifeanyi is another Nigerian who has made money online by selling his e-books.
And on popular reseller websiteClickbank most high ranking products are mostly e-books.
So what are you  waiting for?

#2— Make money  Online by Being Social

This is the newest and easiest  way to make money online in Nigeria, there is  a new social media platform that pays you for been social. For each post, selfie, comment, like, share, hashtag, and other things you do online, you get paid !…..and their  payout is $100. The social media network is called  -TSU–( pronounced -sue) you can learn more aboutthis program here.

#3— Selling Your Products on Online Stores.

What do you do on online stores? Yea, yea i know…you buy  stuff. But what if you could sell your own products as an associate store owner on Nigeria’s Top online stores like or even sell what you don’t use anymore on or even on These online stores are real hubs for making real money online, because the number of Nigerians buying stuff online is increasing and will reach unimaginable heights before this year ends.

#4—  Create Your own money Spinning website.

Well this is where most Nigerians get it all wrong. Now for the fact  that  Linda Ikeji made it big online by blogging about celebrity  gossips and all, doesn’t mean everyone should blog about celebrity  gossips…or because Seun is making money online with his Nairaland forum doesn’t still mean everyone will must own an online forum.
This is where the need for having an online business model comes in…. you see, in the online  world of websites and blogs there is what we call a niche. Now every  website falls under a niche.. e.g,

–— Forum or Online community
–—- Tech-news.
–—- News website
–— Internet and business online etc
So if you  want to really make money with a website you need to be sure of the niche your website  will be  about.;
Starting a website is easy and won’t cost you much if you can’t doit yourself.
How do you make money By owning a website?
They are basically 2 ways:
1. Selling adverts— when you website reaches a particular level you can start selling adverts on your websiteand make money.
2. By  selling your own product or service— You have have a website specifically for selling your product or for offering a service. We will discuss this extensively  in subsequent posts.

#5– Sports betting.

This is the most discussed topic among the young and Old in Nigeria. More importantly, the football seasons in Most countries is starting soon. People are making real money online by predicting scores, saves, loss and others on different sports online. With as little as #100(Naira), you could earn from #2000 to #100,000 Naira every week. Make sure to check our Sports betting sections for weekly sports betting tips and tricks.

#6— Affiliate Marketing:

This is arguably one of the most Lucrative  online business anyone could venture into here in Nigeria. In most  cases you don’t even  need to own a laptop or even a website to do affiliate marketing. By helping msot companies online sell their products, they  give a particular percentage of the profit.
Here is a list of Nigerian Websites that offer this service:
— and  many other hosting companies
When you refer specifc products provided to you from these companies, your recieve a considerable amount  of income from them.

#7—- Article Writing.

Are you good with research ? are you a high level article writer? Or are you very versed in a particular field? Then you can make a hell Lotta cash by writing articles for blog owners online. There are lot of people online who find it hard to write articles for their blogs and they will pay you writing for them . Personally i write articles for some bloggers and depending on the niche, number of words, and Search engine optimization, i sometimes charge a client Up to #4000 Naira ($20) per article. Now imagine writing 5 different articles every week for the sum of #2000naira($10)…..common that’s not bad at  all!!

#8—Make money online with Fiverr

Fiverr has been around for a long time now. Fiverr is  a market place where people offer their services for cash; from logo designing to twitter marketing, thousands of people are ready to buy your gigs (Fiverr services as they are called ). There will subsequent articles on How to utilize Fiverr and make money from there.

#9— Social Media Marketing

Do you posts of Facebook always  go viral or can you get your friends to like pages easily? Do you have a way of getting hundreds of twitter followers within days  or Do have a way with Instagram? Then why don’t you put your skill to good use? They are many  companies out there who are looking to improve there social media presence and will be willing to pay lots for it. So if you have a portfolio of your work, then you can make money online thru  social media marketing.

#10–mini-Importation Business-

This is a very lucrative  business, especially when you import products that  is on high demand. Although right we are having  this constraint of the high Dollar to Naira rate, mini importation business is still feasible if you are buying the right products for a ready-to-buy market. More on this will be discussed in our subsequent post.
My fellow country  folks..there goes our  10 Top ways to make real money online in Nigeria-
How many articles are there about making money online? Thousands?  Millions? Enough? Probably. But there’s a problem. Too many of them are just sales pitches to convince you to sign up for some seminar, webinar, training session or some other way to become an online millionaire.
They really give online money making a bad name. But it is possible to make money online. I mean, the people selling all of those millionaire pitches are making money, right?
There are legitimate ways to make money online. The problem is that the real ways to make money aren’t “get rich quick” schemes.
Most of them require a lot of work and sometimes a lot of dedication before seeing a return on your time.  But if you really want to make money online, work from home or turn an idea into a business, you can do it. You can even earn money with apps if you don’t want to venture all the way to the computer.
I’m going to tell you about all kinds of legitimate ways to make money online.  Since we are talking about legitimatejobs, you’ve got to be…well, legitimate. Many of these options are real jobs that require you to put in hours if you want to get paid. They also require real work. 

Before I get started with this life changing report, I need to be sure that I have your full attention. Please, drop whatever it is you are doing right now. Pay attention to all the amazing secrets I'm about revealing to you on this GREAT blog.  I bet in time, you will look back and consider today the best day of your life.
If you have friends and family members who are still struggling financially or jobless or if you have relatives who are busy doing menial jobs abroad. I urge you, share this special information with them, or refer them to this blog.

The most exciting part is that, age, sex or location is never a barrier, once you are interested in taking part, YOU ARE GOOD TO GO ! Whether You are living in Nigeria or outside Nigeria. You can also take advantage of this life changing opportunity.

You see, you don't have to be an internet guru to make money on the web. Once you learn the vital things to get you up and running, you're good to go!
Just as money is made in the physical world, the electronic world (ONLINE) also provides an opportunity for making money. 

The only difference is that, online means of making money is much more easier, safer and lucrative because, the use of computers on the internet has made automation possible, creating rooms for ordinary people to make money  online24/7 even when they sleep. 
Online business does not require investment on offices, you can do it from your home. 

we all love the Internet don’t we? Most of us spend more than 5hours every day immersed in our phones and most times on the screen of our laptops. But the main issue here is that all over the Nigerian web space, every blog out there is claiming to teach you the ways to make money online in Nigeria. But most times, we find out that most of these ways are either too enormous to try, or we sometimes end up getting scammed and anytime we are told making money online is possible, we just blow the thought right away.

 I'll in this  post , i take you through the Top 10 ways to make money online in Nigeria